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Picture Hanging

Picture Hanging

Most of us struggle with how and where to hang pictures from time to time.  Kathy Streib offers some great tips on picture hanging.  Check out what she has to say....

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Boca Raton Interior Redesign FAQ’s- Get the Hang of It!

Hanging pictures in your home isn’t rocket science... just follow of these easy guidelines and you’ll “Get the Hang of It” for your Boca Raton Interior Redesign.

In a previous post on Boca Raton Interior Redesign FAQ’s  I shared 5 Easy Tips for hanging your pictures.   Here are a few more picture hanging tips.
Come Prepared- Any project you undertake is easier when you have the right  hammerequipment and materials at hand.   Again, it’s not rocket science, but have a hammer and tape measure, paper and pencil and a variety of hanging accessories.  Some pictures may require a wire; heavier frames will need the appropriate size to handle the weight.
3M's Command Products offer Damage Free Hanging Solutions.

Remember What You are Trying to Showcase-   

Often I’ll see a lot of pictures on a wall but what I’m really seeing is a bunch of frames.   If you’re in the picture framing business then that would be a good thing.  However, for your purposes at home, the frame is there as a backdrop to your picture.

The Mega Wall-   There’s nothing wrong with a wall photos of your family and friends (unless you plan on selling your house).  It’s your home and your wall!   But if you want to take it up a notch consider creating groups.

The staircase is a favorite area for family pictures but instead of one big flowing mass of photos going up the staircase, what about placing them in small groups…. each group taking on the shape of a larger picture. So visually, at first glance you may be seeing "3" picture areas.

When you create groups of pictures you allow the eyes to focus on something rather than bouncing all over the wall.  And for those of you who don’t like the “clutter”, grouping pictures gives order to them.

Try placing a mirror within the group for added interest!

wall of pics

This was created for an occupied home. The tradition of the family was the wall of family pictures. The frames had already been chosen. For a break, we included 2 of their picture collages that were in metal frames. The family and their friends love scanning the wall to see who's in it.

How to Get Started-
·        * Lay the pictures out on the floor or table to see how it will look.
·        *    Step back and don’t be afraid to keep moving them around until you like what you see.
·      *  Think of an imaginary square or rectangle on the wall.  Then fit one group of pictures in that.
·     *   When doing the whole wall, begin in the middle and work out.   

When in doubt, give us a call at Room Service Home Staging for your Boca Raton Interior Redesign.



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